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ApplyVI is transforming the way Canadians buy vehicles. Our service allows you to get approved for financing first, so you can shop with confidence knowing exactly how much you can afford. No more rejection, no more wasting time looking at vehicles you can’t qualify for.


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The Old Way of Car Shopping is Broken

Car shopping should be fun, but unfortunately for many Canadians the experience is the complete opposite. The traditional car shopping process requires you to spend hours searching through inventories, finding something that interests you, negotiating the price, and then finally applying for financing to see if you will actually be able to buy the vehicle. 

Even if you do get approved for financing, the whole process can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming. If you don’t get approved for financing then you have just wasted your time and have to start over! This happens to more people than you think, and that is why Auto Credit Deals was started.

Eliminate the Stress by Getting Approved for Financing First

Through our convenient online application you can get approved for financing first. Once we have your application we will work to get you the best financing rate possible and then will contact you with a selection of vehicles for you to choose from. 

The best part is that you will already be qualified for any vehicle shown to you, so all you have to do is pick the one you want and drive away.

It Just Makes Sense

Any Credit Accepted

We are committed to help you get into the vehicle you need regardless of your current credit situation.


Get approved from anywhere, at anytime. Our application takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

No Obligation

We are committed to help you get into the vehicle you need regardless of your current credit situation.


No more fear of rejection. Get the best financing rate and payment options up front.

We have access to Canada’s largest inventory featuring various makes and models.

Learn more about what your payments and loan details could look like.